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    VIA Sponge — 20 YEARS

    Professional customized daily necessities in China

    We has more than 20-year foreign trade OEM/ODM experience. We are specialized in the sponge products production of daily necessities.

​​​​​​​Sponge Products Series

VIA Sponge, a wholesale sponges manufacturer & supplier in China, specialized in bath sponges, cleaning sponges, and cosmetic sponges.

The sponge products production includes powder puff makeup egg, face ball, bath ball, bath strip, bath brush, foam net, bath sponge, sponge cleaning cloth, gold and silver onion cloth, wire sponge, car wash sponge, outdoor quick drying sponge, filter sponge and so on.
Our advantages
We can guarantee the production capacity of 15 million cleaning sponge products per month, more than 6 million bath sponge products per month, and more than 1.5 million cosmetic sponge products per month.
  • Experience
    We has more than 20 years of foreign trade OEM/ODM experience.
  • Mechanical equipment
    Mechanical equipment
    We have enough professional equipment to ensure the production efficiency of products.
  • Quality
    We have passed the factory audit of Walmart, Lowe's and other large foreign brands
  • Authentication
    We have passed the BSCI, SEDEX, SEMTA, FCCA, SGS, GRS and other certificates and tests.
​​​​​​​News overview
We has more than 20 years of foreign trade OEM/ODM experience. and equipped with more than 20 bath ball extruder, polyurethane foaming machine, powder puff edging machine, powder puff tail grinding machine several sets.
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